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The SBMU Skin Research Center(SRC) which is one of the active dermatology research centers in the country was established in Sept. 2000. The SBMU SRC benefits from the presence of 11 academic dermatologists, 3 PhD specialists, 1 research academic, and a couple of GPs. The center has been located at SBMU Shohada-E-Tajrish Educational Hospital, and includes a library, a lab, an immune-fluorescence microscopy room, the administrative section, a research part, and a room for researchers. The Department of Dermatology and an active dermatology clinic are also active at the same hospital. 

The SBMU SRC may be modified as conducting its activities in national, regional, and international levels; and it is pursuing to utilize the latest and modern technology. 

The SBMU SRC Main Goals:  

  1. Promoting social health level in dermatology diseases;
  2. Improving the level of treatment for burned patients;
  3. Expanding various researches in different aspects of dermatology diseases;
  4. Improving qualitative and quantitative life levels in patients with burns;
  5. Reducing mortality in patients with burns;
  6. Promoting epidemiologic information and statistics in dermatology diseases;
  7. Interacting in preventing as well as offering patterns in Leishmaniasis;
  8. Improving capacity building; 

Among the important missions of the SBMU SRC in its five-year program, the main attention is paid to the following:

  1. Cell culture;
  2. Performing epidemiologic studies;
  3. Establishing a center for preventing and treating Leishmaniasis.

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